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E-mail Marketing Doís and Doníts
The Top 10 Essentials of E-mail Marketing
PR Primer - Axioms for basic PR
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Resource and Advice Continued:

The  Top 10 Essentials of E-mail Marketing

  1. Open with a catchy subject line to entice the reader
  2. Make sure the subject line doesn't sound like spam, or too commercial
  3. Make a limited-time offer, communicate a call to action
  4. Keep messages simple, concise and no longer than 4 paragraphs
  5. Capture names at every chance and add them to your list
  6. Communicate no more than monthly, no less than bimonthly
  7. Keep e-mail lists up-to-date
  8. Give readers the opportunity to "opt out" of your list
  9. Simple embedded graphics that are quick to download work well. Attachments don't.
  10. Include a signature with your name, business name, address, phone, web site, and a line that sells you!

PR Primer

Axioms for basic PR

  1. Know your writers - keep up-to-date records of key media, and send the materials they seek. No point in sending a travel story to a Garden editor.
  2. Keep it Simple, Sweet - Make sure the information you send covers just one topic. No point trying to cram too many story ideas into one press release. Make sure you've presented your story in an appealing way that will reach the hearts and minds of the media.
  3. Include Photos - A picture is worth a thousand words, and in today's visual society, good pictures will sell your story as much as your message. Additionally, when it's included, your picture will increase the amount of space your story receives on a page, giving you increased chances of being noticed.
  4. E-mail your press releases - These days, many newspaper and magazine editors would prefer to receive your press release by e-mail. Capture and  save media members' e-mail addresses as often as possible.
  5. It takes 9 impressions to make a memory - thus keeping in touch on a frequent basis with the media you'd like to target is essential. While it may take years, that elusive feature story is a worthwhile payoff.  Send high impact releases consistently, but don't repeat the same ones. Create enough to send one per month.
  6. Don't forget about Food, Garden and Lifestyle Editors - Travel editors aren't the only potential sources for printing your material. Send your recipes to the Food editors who must fill a weekly or monthly issue with great recipes, and send your gardening and decorating ideas to the Garden and Lifestyle Editors. Most daily newspapers have gardening and lifestyle columnists who seek new information regularly.
Maynely Marketing - public relations and marketing for vacation destinations and country inns / bed and breakfast's
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