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Partners in Crime - Creative approaches to cooperative marketing

More Than Just Wrapping and a Bow - Innovative packages that sell!

A Pro’s Prose - Using impactful language to sell your business

Insights Into Public Relations - Ideas that can be utilized by businesses of all sizes to generate white space

Internet Marketing - Down and dirty tactics for reaching the masses

Cooperative Marketing With InnKeepers - Inn to inn itineraries & strategies

Last Minute Travel, Packaging, Personalized Internet Communications - Strategies to address today's travel trends

Staulking The Elusive Publicity Lead - Where to find the right travel writers to write your story.

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Resources  and Advice:

E-mail Marketing Do's and Don'ts

  1. Use a catchy headline - instead of Spring Special, Soak and Sip at ABC Inn.
  2. Keep it simple and short. Communicate in short paragraphs with  headings. Send more e-mail messages rather than one long one.
  3. Use CAPS for emphasis
  4. Make sure you include your web site with a link, so they can simply click there and go.
  5. Close with a good signature that includes contact information  and sells you.
  6. DO Use some graphics in the form of ++++++++++ or >>>>>>>>, but DON'T assume it will look the same on all machines.
  1. Make your subject line sound too much like "spam", it'll be disregarded immediately.
  2. Don't add graphics that take a long time to download. Remember,  those who check e-mail by wireless or cellphone can't view graphics
  3. Don't forget to include an "opt out" message, allowing people to take themselves off your list.
  4. Don't include attachments. Attachments spell fear of viruses for many.
  5. Spell check! Don't allow an e-mail to go out with typos.
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Maynely Marketing - public relations and marketing for vacation destinations and country inns / bed and breakfast's
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