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GREAT PLACES TO SLEEP WITH A GHOST’s Annual Round-up Of Bootiful Places and Spooky Faces


Historical or hysterical, ghostly spirits enjoy B&Bs as much as living guests do. With their legacies steeped in history, there are bound to be some strange bedfellows still hanging around America’s B&Bs.  As most stories tell, those lingering in the shadows are friendly folk, continuing to enjoy the hospitality of America’s B&Bs. For Halloween stories,, the largest online directory representing inns and B&Bs worldwide, offers its annual round-up of inns and B&Bs where ghost seekers can enjoy great spirited gatherings and potentially close encounters with the other world, bed-and-breakfast style. Often afraid to share stories for fear other guests will be scared off, hat’s off to these innkeepers who dared to reveal their ghost stories.  Listings are organized regionally, alphabetically by state.




Red Garter B&B, Williams, AZ:  Owner-innkeeper, John Holst, describes himself as a "hardcore skeptic" when it comes to ghostly apparitions.  But he has come to terms with his B&B’s resident ghost, named Eve. This two-story 1897 Victorian Romanesque-style bed and breakfast, once considered the rowdiest abode on Williams' Saloon Row, operated as a bar and bordello until the 1940s.  A steep flight of steps known as the "Cowboy's Endurance Test" led to the girls upstairs.  Holst is pretty sure that one of the women of the night never left. "The gal I've got here has made an attempt to connect with certain people."  While most guest report having a good night' sleep, some said they felt the bed shake, heard someone going up and down the stairs or felt something touching their arms, according to Holst.  Info: 928-635-1484,


he Groveland Hotel, Groveland, CA: An old gold-miner named Lyle still prefers to hang around, and spirited storyteller and innkeeper Peggy Mosley, has a collection of Lyle stories compiled from employees and guests that she loves to tell.  Although a recluse in life, Lyle’s spirit tends to the playful.  He particularly dislikes women's cosmetics on ‘his’ dresser and has been known to move such items to a nearby sink.  One Groveland Hotel guest watched as her new makeup 'hopped' over the back of the dresser and landed on the floor. Lyle is a great tease who likes to tinker with lights and water, also enjoys moving items around desktops.   Info: 800-273-3314,


Weathertop Lodging, Silver Plume, CO:  This National Historic Trust Landmark town has many original homes that are reputedly haunted by ghosts of miners and their families.  Weathertop B&B is no exception, inhabited by the ghost of a 19th century miner who reminds guests of his presence by occasionally "rearranging" personal possessions, and quietly moving about in the wee hours of the morning.   Info: 303-569-2100,

Bliss Mansion, Carson City, NV:  They say this is the place to rest in peace, and during Halloween stories of paranormal activities and unwanted guests abound.  Tour and stay in elegant Bliss Mansion, and maybe you’ll come face to face with the spirited gunfighters of the past.  They’ll even treat you to your own bottle of spirits in a Halloween package that’s so ideal, it’s spooky!  Info: 800-887-3501,




The Blue Belle Inn, Saint Ansgar, IA: The original floor plans to the house were mistakenly taken to the dump, only to reappear later in the attic.  A room was mysteriously locked – but no one was inside to have locked it. Every possible key was tried to no avail; finally, in desperation, the innkeeper called out: “Will whoever is in there please open the door,” whereupon the door immediately popped open. Info: 641-713-3113,


Old Bridge Inn, Jeffersonville, IN:  Recently, a candleholder lost four years earlier reappeared in the middle of a guest room.  Guests have reported seeing floating objects, canes being picked up and twirled around, tea cups floating across the room and several candles being raised up then down on their own. Two women reported seeing a welcoming bearded gentleman in the dining room. From photos, they determined that he was not the property’s long-time owner, Dr. Hancock, but perhaps one of his four sons. A small dog named Buttons has also been seen. Doors continue to slam upstairs when no one is around, and late-night footsteps have been heard by the innkeeper.  Info: 866-284-3580,


Inn at Aberdeen, Valparaiso, IN:  Featured in the book Haunted Hoosier Trails, guests report seeing a little girl ghost, often observed late at night on the master staircase.  She has been noted to “mess with the guests’ stuff” or turn on the fireplace in their rooms.  The Indiana Ghost Trackers investigated the inn and reported that Sarah Ritter, an original inhabitant, and her two children died in the home. The Ghost Trackers detected the presence of a young girl and a male with high EMF (electromagnetic field) meter readings and positive EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings. A door repeatedly opened behind them when the girl’s presence was felt during the Ghost Trackers’ stay. Info: 219-465-3753,   


Rivercene Mansion B&B, Boonville, MO:  This 1869 Second Empire mansion was the home of riverboat captain Joseph Kinney, and stayed in the Kinney family until the 1990s. Captain Kinney’s son Noble met an untimely death at the age of 26, when he fell down the grand staircase.  The heirs, along with guests, have reported very strange encounters with Noble.  Not quite ready to leave, Noble is still hanging around playing pranks on guests and innkeepers.  Info: 800-531-0862,


Colonel Taylor Inn B&B, Cambridge, OH:  Named for the former Civil War soldier and four-term U.S. Congressman, the Colonel still roams the household, the smoke from his pipe lingering in this non-smoking inn.  His entire family still inhabits the household, from the mischievous little boy to both wives of the Colonel, plus assorted adult children.  Footsteps are often heard at night, images of former servants falling down the stairs are seen, and even the tabby cat has been spotted.  Beds rock without reason, toys turn on and off on their own, but the innkeepers are confident that the spirits are friendly folk, glad that the house is being restored to its original Victorian opulence. Info: 740-432-7802,


C.M. Spitzer House Bed & Breakfast, Medina, OH: A story is told about a nosy female apparition who appeared with limited facial features except a heavy jaw. She was a short, stout woman, in her twenties, wearing what the Edwardians called a "wrapper" or housedress.  She fired questions, asking about the family and well being of her surprised witness, then disappeared as quickly as she came.  Info:  888-777-1379,




Americus Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast, Americus, GA:  A warm presence causes strange happenings at this pre-Civil war inn, and the innkeepers have made a science of capturing ghostly occurrences in photos and on tape. Doors have opened on their own with a creaking sound; clock radios have turned themselves on and off; footsteps have been heard in unoccupied rooms; and the aroma of perfume has been reported several times in guests' rooms in the middle of the night. Guests have captured a host of “orbs” on film (not visible to the eye), and the inn is a training ground for those who love to investigate the paranormal. From children’s voices to messages from Civil War soldiers, this inn is a treasure for those who seek ghostly experiences.  Info: 888-758-4749,


Hummingbird House, Lexington, GA: A benign spirit, referred to as Sarah, watches over the B&B, turning on lights and radios to welcome the owners home.  This young girl has been sighted by many guests, none previously knowledgeable about her, but each description is always the same.  Recently, her favorite prank was to turning the computer on and off, until the innkeepers moved it into their quarters.  Info: 706-743-8046,


Springhill B&B and Winery, Bloomfield,  KY: This stately pre-Civil War plantation manor is  home to many ghosts and spirits who love to mingle with guests.  Hear the many strange stories of chairs moving, doors opening, children’s voices, and if you’re lucky, get your picture taken with orbs flying about you on your stay.  Many guests have captured this other-world phenomenon on film, particularly in the original slave quarters, where a trap door leads to a tunnel for escaping slaves.  Their disclaimer: “Springhill does guarantee comfortable beds, but does not guarantee you’ll sleep well. All food and beverages are guaranteed to be delicious, but you may experience upset stomach from jittery nerves.  All rooms are climate controlled but you may feel chills during the long night.” Info:  502-252-9463,


5 Continents Bed and Breakfast, New Orleans, LA: In a city known for its ghosts, vampires and Voodoo culture, this inn promises not to disappoint guests with its offer to sleep with not only one spirit, but three.  This 1890's Greek Revival Mansion has three resident ghosts including a man, said to have been a previous master of the house, a mysterious woman of color in a flowing white dress, and a very unusual part-time spirit in the kitchen area. Guests who mention this offer from  will receive a $25 discount when booking three nights or more.  Info: 800-997-4652,


Castle Inn of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA:  This B&B is “certifiably” haunted.  A regular stop on the Garden District Haunted Tour, there have been literally hundreds of ghost sightings here.  The inn flaunts the ability to connect with its two active ghosts, a servant and a little girl, the two oldest guests.  Info:  888-826-0540,


Creole Gardens, New Orleans, LA:  Ghosts don’t like change, and when this building was restored as an inn, 400-pound doors slammed for no apparent reason, and bathroom tiles that had been neatly stacked were found scattered about the floor.  One guest reported a clear image of a former slave standing in the corner of the room with arms folded, apparently awaiting orders.  Another guest reported a man visiting at night, speaking softly.  Housekeepers report a feeling of someone watching them, and dark, flitting blurs.  Info:  504-569-8700,


The Rivers' Inn, Greenwood MS: When Rose Marie Kennedy bought the inn, she was unaware of her unseen tenant, but within two weeks the midnight hammering on the plumbing and drawers emptied onto the floor made the ghost’s presence unmistakable.  The day after the clamor, nothing was out of place.  Guests ask Kennedy if she’s knocked on their door at night when no one was on their floor. Televisions turn on and off for no reason, and the volume also goes up and down. The chair at the head of the dining room table is always moved. "Even when I'm alone, that chair won't stay in place. I'll push it under the table and turn my back, and it’ll be out on the floor again," said Kennedy. She remembers one incident when two sisters and a little girl from Florida came to stay: "As soon as the girl walked in she said, 'There's a good spirit in this house.'"  Info: 662-453-5432,

Twin Lakes Lodge, NC:  Noted ghost story writer, John Hardin, author of Tar Heel Ghosts & The Devils Tramping Ground lived in this home prior to its becoming an inn. Is it possible he got his ideas from spirits still hanging around? Come learn for yourself.  Info: 1-888-484-LAKE (888-484-5253),




Historic Reynolds Tavern, Annapolis, MD: When you stay at Historic Reynolds Tavern, you may be cared for by the innkeepers, or by Mary Reynolds herself.  After his death in 1777, Reynolds' third wife, Mary, maintained the Tavern until her death in 1785, yet some believe she has never left the building.  Employees have heard her sing Christmas carols, experienced her "fixing" the grandfather clock in the dining room, and watched as she showed her disdain for new employees by breaking tea pots and knocking glasses off the shelf in the dining room. The Maryland Ghost and Spirit Association confirmed her presence with photographs and temperature readings, and exclaimed that Mary is not alone; they identified a total of five spirits in the house. Info:  410-295-9555,


Angel Nook Inn, Ocean Grove, NJ:   Was it a dream, or did someone touch a guest’s elbow, then run their finger up and down her spine, after her husband left for an early morning run?  Guests have reported feeling someone lying down beside them, always offering a very friendly shoulder to lean on.  Angel or ghost?  Not sure, but always offering a warm feeling.  Info: 732-502-0081,

Ancestors Inn, Liverpool, NY:  Innkeepers, Mary and Dan Weidman are quite sure that the original owners of this house are still present, glad to see a family return to what was once a dentist’s office.  Even though they always turn off lights when they leave, the lights are always on to welcome guests to the inn.  Door knobs rattle in the night though no one is there.  What is most uncanny is that photos taken of the inn often do not come out, unless the innkeepers are included in them.  A gentle spirit, who’s identified himself to those who’ve seen him as “Tim,” takes care of arriving guests who feel ill.  While often present, those who’ve experienced these spirits say they are friendly and attentive.  Info: 888-866-8591,

1871 House, New York, NY:  One guest recounted a vivid story about awakening to find a well-dressed man wearing a bowler hat at the end of her bed.  Strangely she was not afraid, and requested that he leave her alone.  He slowly got up and left out the door, never to return.  Info: 212-756-8823,



Captain Grant’s Inn, Poquetanuck, CT - Visitors to this historic 1754 inn are told when they arrive that if they hear the loud knock at the door, they can answer if they like, but nobody will be there.  And those who stay at the Adelaide Room are sure to have some contact with the mysterious woman and her two children who once lived there, whether it be through the TV turning on and off or the shower curtain continuously falling down.  While you’re there, take a tour of the local cemeteries, also known to house their own ghostly dwellers. Info: 800-982-1772,

Colonial House Inn and Restaurant, Yarmouth Port, MA: There are many stories about haunted happenings at this inn.  One guest recounted how he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder and when he looked up he saw a thin transparent figure of a woman wearing a bonnet. A year or two after that, the same person staying in a different room felt pressure on his back; he saw a shadowy figure, very low to the ground, who quickly vanished from the room.  Info: 800-999-3416,

Peace With-Inn, Fryeburg, ME:  This home was owned by the same family for ten generations, starting in 1777, and continuing until Chester and Alice Black, the last family members in residence, died in the house in the mid-1970s.  The present innkeepers consider the Blacks their “spiritual innkeepers,” when they find decorations re-arranged, doors locked, and hear floorboards creaking.  Info: 877-935-7322,


Greenville Inn, Greenville,  ME: Last summer, a guest staying in the Carriage House Suite (an original part of the inn) reported in full detail about her encounter with a lovely young female ghost. The guest told of the sounds of the crinoline skirt swishing by, the cool breeze as the ghost passed by and the door she opened.  She concluded her story by asking everyone to be kind to this ghost, since she was very sweet and lovely.  Info: 888-695-6000,

Captain Lindsey House, Rockland, ME: Captain Lindsey is still hanging around the Captain Lindsey House, along with 35 other spirits, according to what he told the “spiritologists” on their recent visit to the inn.  Included in the band of happy ghosts is the Captain himself, along with T. B. Severence, the 41-year-old who purchased the inn from George Lindsey in 1857, a dominant spirit named Ensign, a five-year-old named Jeffrey and a four-year-old named Emmy, both of whom are waiting for their father to come and get them.  The majority of the spiritual activity usually takes place in the parlor, where glasses of water slide across tables, and doors have been known to slam to the floor on their own.  Info: 800-523-2145,

LimeRock Inn, Rockland, ME:  When experts of the paranormal visited the LimeRock Inn, they felt the presence of many people in the front parlor – vestiges of the patients that once sat in the parlor waiting room, when the inn was home and office to Dr. Lawry, the local physician.  A number of giggling phantoms played at the top of the stairs, checking in with the visiting paranormals.  Many of the presences at the LimeRock Inn gaze longingly out the windows.  All are friendly, and it’s clear that happy family members are still hanging out here to welcome guests also in search of friendly spirits.  Info:  800-546-3762,

1794 the Sea, Searsport, ME:  Spirits reside here playing music and pranks on innkeepers and guests.  Their presence is gentle and the innkeepers claim this is the perfect place to sleep with a spirit.  Info: 800-698-6575,

Three Chimney’s Inn, Durham, NH:  Innkeeper, Karen Meyer, feels an “angel on her shoulder” here, and one night after a particularly long week she received a clear message from her guardian angel.  The office door was mysteriously locked after a long day, a strange phenomenon since the office can only be locked with a key, and no one with keys had locked it.  To emphasize the message, the office computer, which remains on at all times, was also turned off.  “Time to go home and relax” after a long successful year was the angelic message.  Info: 888-399-9777,


Beal House, Littleton, NH:  Slamming doors and late-night stomping up and down stairs allow the haunted dwellers of this inn to make their presence known.  Another time, the housekeeper felt a distinct hip check from one side to another, as if someone was pushing her aside. One night,when two guests were sitting in front of the fire enjoying tea, they clearly heard voices.  Beckoning women at the end of the bed in the middle of the night, and plenty of other sightings are recounted by innkeepers.  Info: 603-444-2661,


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