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This Halloween, R.I.P. means Revel In Pumpkins
at Run Of The River
Over 1000 pumpkins adorn this Icicle Valley, WA inn
then disappear in the ultimate recycling phenomenon

Icicle Valley, WAIt’s mid-October and more than 1000 pumpkins are being unloaded to find their place among the multiple displays at Run of the River, a luxury inn just outside of Leavenworth, WA. Each year, innkeepers Monty and Karen Turner find just about every use you can imagine for pumpkins. Their pumpkin fascination has been bringing camera-toting guests back to the inn year after year to either get new ideas for their own autumn cornucopias or to enjoy this seasonal fruit.  But nothing is more fascinating than the ultimate recycling of these pumpkins. Come November the deer on this riverside refuge perform their autumnal dance, kicking the pumpkins about to open them and gorge on the seeds before their long winter hibernation.

“Our guest love coming each fall not only to hike and bike amidst the beautiful colors of the Cascade Mountains,” mentioned innkeeper Monty Turner, “but also to see what new and different ideas we’ve come up with for our pumpkins this year,” said Turner.  Pumpkins line the drive up to the inn, and greet guests in their suites, on the private decks overlooking the wildlife refuge, on breakfast tables, and throughout the inn.  The displays are the creation of the Turners, and their local decorator, Patti Bosket.

You’ll find whimsical pumpkins, handpainted pumpkins, decorated pumpkins, red, green, white and yellow pumpkins joined by much of the natural growth that surrounds the inn.   The emphasis on the décor – as it is throughout the inn – is on appreciation for nature’s gifts.

Not only do guests and the trick-or-treaters revel in pumpkins, but starting about November, the deer from the refuge that surrounds the inn begin foraging to store food for the long winter.  “We love to watch the deer literally kick the pumpkins about in an effort to split them open and get at the seeds,” says innkeeper, Karen Turner.  “If we didn’t know better, we’d think they’re playing their own version of football,” finishes Turner.  Throughout the year, not only has word gotten out among human inngoers, but also among the deer population, where the best source of pumpkins in the Leavenworth area can be found.

Run of the River is an elegant log inn on the banks of the Icicle River, about a half mile upstream from Leavenworth, WA.  Run of the River is Washington's only 4-star inn rated by Northwest Best Places, earning this distinction for the six Adventure Suites offering incredible vistas of the river, the wildlife refuge, and the beautiful Cascade Mountains that surround the inn.  Here you find opportunity to view wildlife and birdlife – not to mention pumpkins - from your suite's private deck.  As avid hikers and cyclists, Monty and Karen Turner have created extensive guides of the area, and offer complimentary mountain bikes – including one built for two – along with back packs, walking sticks and snowshoes. For those who appreciate nature, and enjoy the rejuvenation of the outdoors, Run of the River offers the ideal getaway spot this fall.

For more information on Run of the River, and to view the pumpkin displays here (click on Fall at the Inn) visit  For reservations or to talk pumpkins, call 800-288-6491.

Additional high resolution photos of pumpkin displays available for your stories.

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