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                          PUMPKIN PLACEMENT PRIMER

                   Run of the River’s tips on great ways to decorate with pumpkins

Leavenworth, WA – From harvest to holidays, more than one thousand pumpkins are found at Run Of The River, an inn and refuge in Washington’s Icicle Valley.  Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are found decorating the guest and common rooms, lining the drive, hanging from rafters and more.  Run of the River decorator, Patti Bosket of Au Nature’l, believes in bringing the out of doors in for the holidays, and Run of the River offers the perfect setting for her expertise in natural decor.  Here, Patti Bosket shares some of her decorating tips for your readers, offering wonderful ways to decorate with pumpkins.  Patti says, “not only does nature’s bounty work for those on a budget, but getting outdoors to find nature’s accompaniments will lift the spirits and offer a fitness benefit too!”  Of course for those who’d rather see it then read about it, a fall getaway to Run of the River will offer a first-hand view of the pumpkin spectacle. 


Ten Top Ideas For Pumpkin Decorating


  • Use hollowed pumpkins as vases:  Hollow out pumpkins of any size and fill them with all the natural surroundings of fall – rose hips, twigs, leaves, and more.  If you wish, add a vase or gardener’s oasis, and fill with fall flowers for a beautiful centerpiece.


  • Line the drive or walkway: Rather than using bags with candles, line the drive or walkway with pumpkins - lighted or not. 


  • Make a pumpkin snowman – stack three pumpkins atop one another, add twigs for arms, and have the kids carve or paint the head with a face.


  • Use mini pumpkins as candle holders:  Hollow out mini pumpkins and insert candles of any size.  Gourds can also make wonderful seasonal candle holders.


  • Make a pumpkin tree centerpiece:  Just like the Easter egg trees you see at Easter-time, make a mini-pumpkin tree as a centerpiece.  Fill a vase with bird seed, and then insert twigs of various sizes.  Hang mini pumpkins or gourds with fish wire off the twigs.   To get the kids involved, have them decorate the pumpkins before hanging.


  • Create a leaf and pumpkin arch: Just as pineapples welcome visitors, pumpkins and leaves arranged in a wreath or arch over the doorway is a wonderful way to welcome trick-or-treaters and harvest-time visitors.


  • Use several pumpkins:  Fill an old wheelbarrow, pail or other containers that you might have hanging around with pumpkins, leaves and other natural décor.  Mound the pumpkins for a great look, or add a friendly scarecrow to round out the scene.


  • Create a pumpkin valance:  Find a curtain rod or even a  thick branch and hang it above a window or door, then wire mini pumpkins or gourds at different heights with some leaves or twigs across the branch, and you have yourself a natural valence.  A variation on this would be to create a pumpkin mobile to hang over an enclosed deck.


  • Fill planters with pumpkins:  Once summer flowers have gone by, fill window boxes and planters with pumpkins of various sizes and colors, along with leaves, berries, and twigs collected from the woods.


  • Make a pumpkin runner:  Use mini pumpkins or gourds to create a runner on a table or hearth.  Decorate with natural berries, twigs and leaves to fill in.


To book a Run of the River fall getaway and view the pumpkin pinnacle of Washington’s Icicle Valley, visit or call 800-288-6491.  Decorator Patti Bosket may be reached at


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